123Movies Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Why cough up a fortune every time you wish to see a movie when you have so many websites that offer you a plethora of movies and TV series for absolutely free? Many sites are coming up on daily basis that claim to be HD streaming service providers but turn out to be nothing more than advertisement and redirecting pop ups. But there are actually some great websites that work extremely well and live up to their claim.

123Movies was unquestionably the uncrowned king among them with its ever growing library and great quality. Even though these sites are a boon for the masses, they pose a serious threat to the revenues of people associated with this entertainment industry. Therefore, active steps are being taken to track them and shut them down. Let us have a look at this popular site and great alternatives to it, for the time it is not working or is unreachable.


There is a reason why 123Movies was termed as the ‘most popular illegal site’ by MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America). While its contemporaries were leading to malevolent sites or kaput links, 123Movies was offering the users a string of latest HD streaming movies and series for free. The massive user base this site enjoyed could be attributed to the fact that there is no need to sign up or pay a subscription fee to view anything.

It attracted almost 98 million active users at the zenith of its time but the good days were numbered. The site was taken down a number of times but it re-emerged time and again under different names in various domains. Sometimes it was ‘123movies’, sometimes ‘123Movies’ or ‘GoStream’ and so forth. It was rumored to be operating from Vietnam but the identity of the host was never discovered. The site was finally shut down in March 2018 and has been operating through clone sites now.

IS 123Movies LEGAL and SAFE?

Legal? No. Safe? Maybe.

No site that offers movies or series which it does not have a license for, is legal. It makes the site susceptible to lawsuits or legal charges but not the user. Moreover, every country has its own rules and regulations in regards to the permission to use such sites. Even though it is illegal it is not an activity you would land in jail for. But it is always advisable to check with the local setup regarding this matter because in certain countries like say Germany; it is banned strictly. ONE IMPORTANT THING is that even though downloading this content is considered illegal, viewing or streaming is NOT.

The safety honestly depends upon the person. Not just 123Movies, but all the similar sites which stream stuff free of cost use advertisement and redirecting links to stay afloat. The easiest and the most effective way to prevent any notorious activity is using a VPN.

In most simple words, VPN is encryption software that prevents interference from a third party or even your Internet service provider. This means that your activity is anonymous and cannot be tracked by anyone. If you are careful while using these piracy sites you can enjoy almost unlimited streaming without shelling a single penny. And this is what these sites are for!


Due to the constant shut down of the 123movies and its clone sites, it is a wise thing to round up a few alternatives just in case. Since so many new sites come up so often this task can be bothersome. So here we have compiled a list of a few sites that you can visit when 123movies is unreachable or you just want to try something else. Browse through our absolute favorites and find your top pick.


This site is so similar to 123movies that you will think that it 123Movies renamed itself. The grey-green theme, centrally placed search bar and an impressive ever-growing collection of movies and series; it can’t get any more alike. Also, don’t worry about the irritating pop ups because putlocker doesn’t have many of them. It is fast becoming, or perhaps has become one of the popular alternatives to 123Movies globally with its humongous gallery just a click away. No doubt it was listed in the top 250 most visited websites by Alexa internet.


ONE CLICK. Well, this is all it takes to fall in love with this site. One click and you land up on the movie you want to see. You will be impressed by its gallery for there are so many movies and shows that will cater to every mood. There might be a few advertisements here and there but the efficiency of the website speaks for itself. It hosts an AMAZING collection of latest and vintage movies and it is so easy to use. You can use even keyboard shortcuts while streaming a movie/series. The quality is superb even if you wish to see old movies; it loads fast and keeps streaming without buffering much.


The only hindrance to a blockbuster movie experience is the advertisements that come popping in. But what if we told you that there is a website that lets you watch movies without these pop ups? This may sound hard to believe but GoStream allows you to watch add-free movies/series with an avoidable link redirection too.

Those links can be easily avoided even without an ad block.  So the only difficulty you will face is the choice you have to make from a vast expanse of collection this site has to offer. But if you already have something on your mind then the search bar makes it easy for you. This is the reason that this site records online traffic of approximately 30,930,000 visits annually. Feel left out yet?


Don’t let the simple homepage of the site fool you. This site boasts a special collection of young adult genre apart from the usual latest Hollywood releases. All the movies are High Definition and sorted into genres. It makes sure that you never fall short of choices.

The streaming is add free and there is not redirecting link that it doesn’t feel like you are operating a piracy website. With the features it has, YesMovies would be a definite recommendation.


Do we hear a movie fanatic’s appeal? Good for you, we have the answer. Fmovies might be an old site but that does not make it an outdated choice. As it has been in the market for quite some time now, it has a loyal fan base which swears by its extensive library available in HD quality.

Fmovies has a user-friendly interface that works well on smart phones and desktop alike. It is compatible with iOS and android making it a great alternative to 123movies. The keyboard control option is also another feature that is commendable.


The fact that this site is not as popular as its contemporaries is beyond us. If there is an award out there for the most sophisticated and all rounder website to watch movies/series, this one is undoubtedly the winner.

You don’t have to look around to find the search bar, because it’s right there in the center ready to take you to what you want to see. Even if you are not sure what you want to see, there is a slim chance that you will go back from the site without watching anything.

The categorization and description of each movie is complete with the summary, duration and IMDb ratings. It certainly helps you decide what you want to watch without having to click each and every movie that catches your eye. Even though sign up is not necessary, it gives you the benefit of saving your favorites and trust us, with the extensive library it has to offer, you’ll need this feature. Once you use this website you are bound to come back to visit it more than a handful of times.

7 – GOMovies

GoMovies has been there for a while and with the way it is evolving with the new trends, it is here to stay. Again, this site has a minimalist interface yet the options it has are not so minimal. One is undeniably spoilt for choice. With so many new releases on weekly basis and so many old classics, choosing something to watch is not so easy. But the way the movies and shows are sorted based on trending and popularity, narrowing down to one won’t be such a difficult task.

If you also follow the IMDb ratings closely and curate your watch list accordingly, it would be a pleasant surprise for you that GO movies offers an option to sort the movies according to their IMDb ratings. Now you can simply work your way from number one to wherever you want to go and tick off the movies from your bucket list without any hassle.


The list would not have been complete without this website right here. It may not be the best one out there but it gives a tough competition to its counterparts. It is fast and has quite an enviable collection that ranges from horror to chick flicks to old classics.

One may also find indie movies in the genres. Many movies are available on watchfree even before they are released on the other sites. The only predicament is the irritating pop ups that keep interfering with your movies. But let us not forget that ad blocker apps are not very hard to install. Apart from this problem this site is a fairly good alternative to 123movies.


Like the other websites, popcornflix is also an add-supported free streaming service that aims at providing top quality movies without spending a penny. The stream quality is awesome and so is the download quality and speed. You can find so many shows and films ranging from sci-fi to flicks to comedy, both latest and old. There might be some issues with the availability of certain movies and shows in your country or region but if it is available you won’t be disappointed by the player quality.


This site is as it was years ago. Though we won’t mind it this site undergoes some serious visual user interface changes, there are some people who like the fact that the site did not change over time. Leaving the looks aside, primewire undoubtedly has some of the best movie and show collections that you can sort into a playlist of your own. You can even create and share the playlist with your friends. The movies/series come with a full description, IMDb rating, run time and reviews. This site has been popular for the plethora of reality TV shows it hosts.


Now that you have some great alternatives to 123Movies, grab your bucket of popcorn and start watching your favorite movie or series now! We are sure that this list would encompass all that you need for a blockbuster movie experience.

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