1Movies Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Nowadays since a major part of the audience especially the youth generation has shifted towards OTT platforms and digital content. Time constraint is prevalent these days and viewers want anything interesting in the limited amount of time they get. Most of them are found glued to their mobile phones and laptops for the limited time they have for their entertainment. So, the challenge is for the TV makers about how in different ways they can provide content to the viewers.

These days a lot of content that people watch on TV  have found their way in digital platform with the starting of online streaming of TV series. One such famous website that offers facility is called 1movies TV. 1movies TV is a website which provides not only online TV series streaming but online movie streaming too. The user can get to see the series streaming in the digital platform free of cost. There are free alternatives to online sites of 1movies TV in 2020. Some of them are listed below:

Features of 1movies

One of the most prominent features of watching movies in the platform 1moviesTV is that it comes with a user interface which helps us to access different facilities for the novice users. One-click on the website and you will get to see a variety of different shows that are available to you which are sectioned under different categories.

On the main interface that is after clicking on the website, you get to see suggestions categorized as Featured, Most Viewed, Most Favourite, Top Rating, etc. Here you will get to see suggestions for the latest movies and TV series. They are also available in HD so the users get to see in 4K. There is another option of night mode for the user so that they do not get any strain at night. There are different genres and categories available for the viewers to see.

Alternatives to 1movies TV


Given all the crazy features of 1Movies TV, there are certain limitations as well which comes with the streaming platform since a lot of content is not streamed in different countries like Australia, India, Canada, UK, etc. where the website might get blocked due to ISP ban. This annoys the user. There is however an alternative sites for the user where they get to stream variety of channels as an alternative to 1movies TV. Some of the alternatives are mentioned below:

1 – Look Movie

One of the better alternatives to 1movies TV is Look Movie which allows the user to watch the full episodes of the TV series online. Since it does not require any registration fees it becomes a hassle-free experience for the user. Added benefits are ad-free experience and the user gets regular updates of the show at regular interval of time.

2 – BMovies

Another good alternative is the BMovies which offers a plethora of option to choose from. This site offers more options than movies. Users can also stream popular TV shows like The Voice, Blackish, Flash, etc. All the categories and details about TV shows are showcased inside the TV series thumbnail.

3 – Vumos

Another popular website to stream TV shows online is the streaming site Vumoos. Vumoos provides a search bar to search high rated TV series available for selection. The users get to find the total list of TV shows available on their website. The online stream comes with an additional streaming channel which streams contents once they find the link is broken.

4 – Sony Crackle

One of the popular websites to stream TV shows online for free is Sony Crackle. The shows are categorised into various genres based on the user’s liking. The different genres which are offered are action, drama, crime, comedy, etc. Users also have the option to watch the trailer before watching the whole movie. However, there are other limitations as well as the contents are restricted based on geography.

5 – CMovies HD

As the name suggests through this website not only the user can watch every kind of movies online but they also get access to different TV series without having to submit any registration fees. They have around five server links to stream different shows if in any case the link are broken. When it is compared with 1movies TV website there are different search options available which provide every detail of a particular TV series like the actors, director, synopsis, etc.

6 – Watch free 

Another popular streaming website is WatchFree which has an enormous collection of TV shows from the classic to the newly released. Some popular TV shows like suits, GOT, etc. attract the users towards the website. The user can view the contents without any hassle by watching the movies in HD free of cost. The users necessarily do not need to sign up to watch the content.

7 – Movies4u

The design of the website is a visual treat to the eye and it also provides online streaming of movies and TV series. It has a good collection of TV series like Flash, Sacred games, Viking, etc. It has two categories specific to the users like New Seasons and New Episodes.

8 – PutLocker

One of the good things about this website is that the users do not need to create an account with them. This website is a good way to kill boredom as we get to watch movies and TV series online which are offered less compared to 1Movies. They provide around 4 servers to slow down the traffic coming at the website.

9 – KickTV.com

With KickTV.com the user needs to register or sign up to access the collection of TV series online. The episodes which are currently available and running will be available to the user as soon as possible.

10 – Hotstar

One of the popular websites available for the Indian audience is the online video streaming website which attracts the Indian audience in a huge way. Hotstar also offers an array of TV shows which is not offered by Netflix such as Game of Thrones as it is one of the popular web series running worldwide. It also has an added facility of coming with an app which helps the user to watch the content anywhere they are going. Once done with the payment which is the premium mode, you are allowed to watch the recently released movie.

11 – Seedhd club

This website also comes with a great collection of TV series available to the users. It comes under both free and paid platform. There are many TV series available as well which the user can watch for free. By registering and paying a minimal fee, the users get to enjoy the premium content provided to them.

12 – TV Box

Here the website provides with popular TV series since the year 2000 to the current year by streaming shows. The user can also see a section named calendar where they get to see their favourite shows based on the date of release. The user interface is designed simple for a novice to use.

13 – Shush.Se

This website is better among the lots as it comes with lesser ads and it offers a wide variety of collection of online streaming of TV series which are available to them. The video quality is good and there is also a search option provided to the users for a better experience.

14 – YesMovies.To

The user interface is designed quite attractive than the rest and hence it is good to binge watch TV shows on this streaming website. They also come up with a variety of genres for the users to choose from. It is a popular website for the users as it contains every TV series from old to new.

15 – HD Popcorns

It is another good recommendation to watch TV shows online as it comes with the added benefit of streaming HD quality shows. They get to display the latest news of contents which are added by them to the website. They also provide with night mode option for less straining of eyes at night and also comes up with information about content when the user moves the cursor over the thumbnail poster.

Final Words

Burdened with a variety of options from above, the user has an advantage of choosing their favourite online streaming services.

The features coming up with each streaming site is different and it helps the user to choose which one of them is better to watch. With the television losing its charm it is the right time for OTT platforms and online web streaming channels to offer with their unique choice of lists. It also has quite a lot advantages for the users as they get to experience content anywhere.

Moreover, there are no restriction to time constraints. Users get to continue the show from where they left it. So, it is a good time for the user to switch to OTT platforms to binge watch their favourite shows.

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