9Anime Alternatives for Watching Anime Movies & TV Shows!

Anime rules our hearts. It takes us to a new world where imagination and values collide and make a beautiful concoction of stories. They have a gripping storyline and a wide variety of genres that can be enjoyed by all age groups. Be it Kodomo, Shonen, Shojo, Seinen or Josie, content from all genres have made a global impact. What better cure than this for a bad day?

9Anime is one of our favorite websites to browse and binge Anime movies and shows. Viewers’ rating suggests 9Anime to be in the most liked anime website. It has high resolution English dubbed videos along with subtitles. 9Anime is regularly updated with the latest content.

One can stream online or download high quality content for free. The site is well sorted, has a beautiful interface and provides a wonderful viewing experience. The short-cut menu makes it time-saving to access and browse the content. Plus, you can enjoy anime without even registering to the website.

Best Alternatives to 9Anime for Watching Anime Movies and TV Shows

If you are looking for sites that can help you watch anime, look no further.  Here is a list of 10 Best alternatives to 9Anime for a worthwhile indulgence to satiate the anime fanatic in you (also if you are an anime novice this article will surely help).

1 – KissAnime

It is one of the best websites available for good quality manga and anime. The exceptional video quality gives an unforgettable viewing experience. It allows you to stream online or download high quality episodes for FREE. It supports a mobile friendly interface (You can also download the mobile app). No doubt it is one of the most popular website among anime fans.

The site is regularly updated with the latest content. It includes a wide array of genres (more than 20 genres) ranging from adventure, cartoon, horror, romance and more with English dubbed and subbed versions. Content dating back to 1974 is also available on this site. The top ten lists of movies and TV shows will surely help a quick selection. Binge good quality unlimited content for free on KissAnime with an ease of access.

2 – Kiss Anime

Another similar sounding website procures you with similar abundant collection of magnificent content. Welcome to second site on the list for FREE ONLINE Anime streaming with a superb collection. The site is well sorted and the vast content is clearly categorized as per genre, trending and latest episodes.

That’s not all…You don’t even need to go through the hassles of signing up or registering to the site! Access the site without an account, anytime anywhere.

3 – AnimeHeroes

Tired of interrupting ads? Check out AnimeHeroes. AnimeHeroes provides Anime streaming and download service that too without disturbing ads popping here and there on your screen.  It is one of the safest website to browse anime. The video quality is splendid.

It has a simple and interactive interface with an ease of accessing content and options of both online and offline viewing. High loading or downloading speed is a boon of this site. A high speed loading of high definition content (ranging between 720p and 1080p) is rare combination that the site promises. Check the site out for high intensity anime action.

4 – KuroAni

KuroAni is a well designed website. It ensures free of cost online streaming and download of the Japanese marvel – Anime. Both movies and TV shows are available on the website. The portal is regularly updated. There is a diverse collection of a variety of genres.

You can find the latest content as well as many rare and old-school movies on the website. It is again a safe way to stream, browse and download Anime. Moreover, KuroAni also doesn’t ask you to set up an account or register to browse the content. Thereby, the making it to the list of top ten alternatives to 9Anime.

5 – GoGoAnime

The X-Factor to GoGoAnime is that you can download its mobile application (which is already a blockbuster worldwide). GoGoAnime is very actively browsed among anime fans. Both videos with English subtitles and dubbing are available for free.

Both options of online streaming and download are available on the site. They keep you updated with the latest additions of episodes on the homepage. In addition, an open discussion platform is available on the app which allows viewers to openly share, discuss and connect.

GoGoAnime is user friendly, open and responsive to feedback with a speedy customer helpdesk. It is a responsive and approachable website that provides an amazing collection of videos, TV series and movies.

6 – Hulu

It is no wonder that there are anime fans all across the globe, but Hulu is a major stakeholder of garnering Anime viewership in the U.S with more than 20 million subscribers from the country itself. Hulu is a leading Anime streaming website that allows you to access premium live and on demand channels.

It has one of the biggest anime broadcast networks and provides its subscribers with a vast variety and generous dose of Anime. It has a wide collection of shows in HD, complete seasons and a LIVE TV option.

The pocket-friendly plans are absolutely worth it as Hulu is among the few LEGAL anime streaming websites which guarantees a safe browsing experience. It runs flawlessly on many devices including Nintendo Switch.

7 – AnimeUltima

Extensive, Authentic, Informative and Exciting – AnimeUltima comes with all four qualities. It has an extensive database of anime content varying across different genres. Look up the website to find original anime versions as well as dubbed and subbed Anime videos.

Information about the anime drama, TV shows, movies and series comes as a bonus to the videos. It also hosts polls, events and forums for anime lovers and fans. A mobile application for AnimeUltima is also available now. So delve into extensive content of anime with fun facts and connect with all the co-anime-fanatics worldwide!

8 – Crunchyroll

The present lockdown can make it difficult for all of us to navigate through time. Don’t worry; crunchyroll is here to rescue us with over 15,000 hours and more than 25,000 episodes of latest and most trendy anime content. High quality videos with dubbed and subbed versions are uploaded regularly on the site.

Crunchyroll absolutely free for android and iOS users. Data shows that crunchyroll presently delivers content to 50 million users worldwide. It is a safe and secure way to browse through anime. You can stream the website from a variety of devices such as PS4, Xbox360, phones and PCs. Dive into the giant anime collection of Crunchyroll to make the most of the lockdown blues.

9 – Animestreams

An interface with absolutely no pop ups, ads or links to phishing websites is relieving. You can stream anime without any ads or interruptions on Animestreams. The website has an intriguingly interactive interface. Find the most trending anime on the homepage. Dubbed and subbed content is available here.

You can navigate through the site easily as it has a clear and user friendly interface. Enjoy quality content with good speed of loading. You can access movies and TV shows here without losing a single penny. The website is very safe and secure.

10 – 123animes

This website features latest dubbed and subbed anime content for online streaming. Specific search bar as per genre, year, season, type and source of episode is also present on the home page. Movies and shows are categorized into more than 40 genres on the website. Anime dating back to 1958 as well as latest additions of 2020 are available on this platform.

Beyond this, you can also send a request for a particular show/movie in case any is left out from this mammoth of a collection. You can access the videos for free. Apart from bringing to you the latest anime cartoons, TV shows and series, 123anime also allows you to personally chat with your co-anime-fans. Enjoy good quality content for free and connect with fans all around the world. The website is safe and navigation here is easy.

11 – Bonus: YOUTUBE!

The world’s largest video streaming website is unquestionably a major free source of anime videos. Follow Youtube channels such as The Anime Man, TeamFourStar, Lolweapon, Funimation, etc. to access videos, series as well as anime movies.

Beyblade (2001), Samurai Champloo (2004), Death Note (2006), Hellsing (2001) and Black Lagoon (2006) are some of the amazing stuff available for free on Youtube. It has a high speed of loading content and video quality ranging from 720p to 1080p.  It is a safe and legal option of viewing. Download the app to view free content.


Action, adventure, fantasy, drama; anime is engaging for one and all. There is a lot to learn, relate to and engage in from anime. To binge or not to binge is absolutely your call, but don’t miss out on this intriguing creation. Often, searching for the right platform to stream/download anime takes up a lot of time of viewers. Finding English dubbed or subbed content is equally vital.

The top ten alternatives to 9Anime for watching anime movies & TV shows is surely going to help you browse good quality anime. Watch the most trending videos as well as go through all the amazing stuff created over years. The content is easily available in English dubbing so that everyone can connect to this marvel. Videos are available with subtitles too. Most of the websites are user friendly and allow the option of online streaming/ download that too for free or a minimal cost that would be worth it. Share this article with your friends, drop in a review and let us know your feedback!

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