An Unexpected Store Exception Error [SOLVED]

“Blue Screen of Death” (BSoD) is one thing that terrifies most of the users of Windows 10 and is always an unwelcoming sight. This means that some of the users are getting “Unexpected store exception error” on their windows screen.  The biggest issue with this is a screen appears with the blue background and a sad face with not enough information. This error forces the user to restart everything whenever it appears.

In this article we will take you through few steps to solve or troubleshoot this error. Here are some ways which might help you to fix these issues.

Method 1 – Check The Health Of Your Hard Drive

This error indicates that you are having issues with your hard drive and with the help of a program like you can solve this issue. For this you have to follow steps like Download the standard edition and install it. It will give you the idea about your hard drive whether it’s in good or bad status.

If the status says GOOD that means your drive is just doing fine for the time being. However, it is suggested that it is better to replace the drive if you have a spare one. And if it shows BAD then you should replace your hard drive without any delay to avoid further risk of a drive failure.

Method 2 – Update Your Display Driver

An old version of the display driver can also be a possible reason for this error. So, it’s better to update it to a new version.

Step 1 – First, boot your system into safe mode. Right-click on Windows key and select DEVICE MANAGER from the given options.

Step 2 – Then, double click on DISPLAY ADAPTERS and right-click on your display hardware. Select UNINSTALL Device and press ‘OK’ and confirm it.

Step 3 – Restart your PC. After that open setting of your PC and click Update and Security.

Step 4 – Lastly, click on Check for updates and windows shall find the latest drive and update your system automatically.

Method 3 – Run System File Checker

System file checker is a tool that helps the users to scan their computers for corrupt files in their operating system. It is very useful tool to identify the problem and check if any problem is due to corrupt files in Windows.

We can try and run SFC and see if the problem is resolved or not.

Press Windows+X and click on command prompt. Type sfc/scannow and press Enter. This will start the scan. A messaged will appear on the task completion saying ‘not find any integrity violations‘ which shows that everything is fine.

Otherwise, you might also get other responses like:

  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and repaired them.
  • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some or all of them.

If any error is identified and was fixed using the above methods, restart your computer and check if the process is working normally or not.

Method 4 – Disable Your Antivirus

It can be your Antivirus that might be causing this error. Hence, it is better to disable it temporarily and check if the error is still in the system. The process of uninstalling depends on the software you use but there is a possibility that you can find it in the SETTING menu.

Step 1 – Press Windows+X. Then select Control panel and after that select Programs.

Step 2 – Next, click on your antivirus and uninstall it by right-click on your antivirus selection.

Note – In case you have installed various antivirus software it would be better to uninstall all of them temporarily. For doing so, open setting and select apps, click on antivirus and uninstall.

If this doesn’t help to fix the “Unexpected Store Exception Error”, enable or install your antivirus again in order to protect your computer.

Method 5 – Turn off Fast Startup

Windows 10 has a feature of a fast startup that helps your PC to boost faster by putting PC into hibernation mode. It is a great feature but it might also cause ‘Unexpected Store Exception Error’. So, it will be beneficial if we turn off this fast startup so that we can understand that we got rid of this error or not.

Step 1 – Press Windows+R. Type control panel and press enter.

Step 2 – Select the power option and choose what the power button does which is present on the left side of the screen.

Step 3 – Then, click on ‘change setting that is unavailable’ and uncheck ‘turn on fast startup’ and save changes and exit.


I hope these solutions helped you to solve/troubleshoot the ‘unexpected store exception error’ problem. Mostly the reason for this unexpected exception store error or blue screen of death is a fault in the hardware.

If it is not the faulty hardware, then other solutions given are worth following to solve the “Unexpected Store Exception Error”.

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