CouchTuner Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Watching Television has multiple utilities for today’s general public. TV has outgrown from a mere idiot box to a complete entertainment solution with the advent of technology. People have started watching TV conveniently on their mobile phones and tablets because comfort and convenience is the key.

People no longer want the TV channels to dictate what they want to watch. At this moment, CouchTuner has turned out to be a great boon for people who love watching TV dramas and movies at their own convenience. CouchTuner allows people to watch TV serials and movies for free without the commitment of any paid subscription which has earned it massive recognition.

It is said that with every good thing, comes a drawback necessarily. Similar is the case with CouchTuner. Since it screens TV shows and movies for free, it is illegal. Therefore the majority of the search engines deter from showing it on their pages. Now people who are already addicted to CouchTuner, have started running helter-skelter in search of ways to enjoy their favourite TV streaming website.

Some of the ways are beneficial but they are proving to be ineffective in the long term. This is when people start looking for alternatives. This article is addressed to 25 TV streaming websites that are similar to that of CouchTuner. You can catch up with your favourite shows and movies like the olden days through the websites given below. Let’s jump right in.

1 – Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a TV streaming website based out of the USA and hosts contents from more than 200 partners of the website. This website functions similar to that of CouchTuner and is one of the forerunners of providing the TV streaming service as an alternative to CouchTuner.

The website is totally free and viewers can watch anything without availing a subscription. The website hosts movies from reputed production houses like MGM, Paramount pictures, Dreamworks, etc. You can choose from different genres that are available on Tubi TV like horror, romance, drama, thriller, science fiction, and lots more.

Tubi TV requires a user registration for dispersing their services. You won’t be charged a dime for registration and the process is really easy. Tubi TV has its own mobile app for Android and iOS devices. People can also enjoy Tubi TV on their Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Xbox, and Playstations and of course Samsung Smart TVs.

2 – Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a relatively new platform in this niche. Popcorn Time is popular among its peers because it streams all movies from torrent sites and different TV shows. Since this website is similar to CouchTuner in its functionalities, the services on this website are absolutely free.

As discussed earlier, the website searches content from leading torrent websites for casting them on your device. In case the HD format of the video is unavailable, Popcorn Time will allow you to watch in the best quality available on the internet.

3 – Yes Movies

YesMovies has proved to be a worthy alternative to CouchTuner because of its free videos. When you visit YesMovies website, you will observe that their layout is similar to that of Netflix and the website has easy options for searching. One thing that pulls down the advantages of this site is that the site is filled with advertisements. However, since it is pretty useful in streaming shows, users bear through the disturbance caused by advertisements.

YesMovies offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies for downloading and watching. You can choose from genres like horror, romance, drama, animation, etc. What makes YesMovies different from other TV streaming websites is its ability to stream content from different countries like Japan, China, France, UK, Korea, India, and a lot of other countries. This helps audiences of specific countries to watch shows and movies in their own language along with browsing through international content.

4 – PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix allows its users to enjoy their favourite content without any registration or logging in. The viewers can enjoy their favourite TV serials and movies right on their smartphones and tablets for absolutely free. This website won’t pester you with subscriptions and hidden charges. The website is free for everyone on the internet. PopcornFlix is a totally legal website which makes it different from other online content streaming websites. Viewers can choose their favourite content from different genres like drama, romance, thriller, horror, action, etc.

The website of PopcornFlix has its own mobile application for iOS devices as well as Android devices and they can be downloaded from their respective App Stores and Playstore. The only shortcoming of this website is that it shows only those dramas and shows that are available in the viewer’s country or region.

5 – CafeMovie

It has a great collection of TV series and movies which are segregated according to genres and can be found at a single place. Viewers can enjoy this website for free but they will be asked to log in to their account for doing so. The website is legally safe so no piracy issue must threaten you. Users have to bear with the irritating pop up ads that might hamper the viewing experience but the collection is worth ignoring this shortcoming.

6 – SolarMovie

Viewers who are looking for an engrossing collection of movies and TV shows online that can be availed for free, will find their needs end at SolarMovie. The website mostly caters to customers of the US, UK, Canada, and India. The USP of this website is its efficient search engine that provides blazing fast results of any series or movie that you want to watch.

This website is similar and different from other websites simultaneously. It is because all the services that are available on this website can be availed for free. You won’t have to pay any subscription charges.

However, if you aspire for premium services you can buy a subscription plan. The content can be filtered according to different genres, trending topics, country-specific content or even according to popularity. The viewers can check the reviews before they decide to watch a particular video. Along with all these features, it must be noted that the website is not ad-free at all.

7 – 123 Movies

For people who are eager to enjoy latest releases, 123 Movies offers an efficient platform for them. The site provides easy filter options and has a great website design. People can find their favourite movies on this website easily and they don’t have to log in for enjoying their desired content.

The website can be enjoyed for free. The database of 123 Movies is commendable and users browse through various new and old movies. The movies and TV series are arranged on the basis of genres that makes the searching procedure fairly easy for viewers.

Viewers can also search on the basis of genre and year of release. One of the remarkable features of this website includes the bookmark feature where you can pause the video and resume watching it whenever you want to.  You can even request the website to upload a particular TV series or Movie if it is not available on the website. Users can even download their favourite videos from this website for free of cost.

8 – StreamLikers

StreamLikers is growing to be one of the most efficient movies streaming websites on the internet. The website is free to use apart from some of the collections of movies. Viewers can enjoy their favourite TV shows and movies for free of cost without the need of any subscription plans.

The website has a well-designed layout and has segregated its content in various categories and genres. You can choose your favourite genre from the list and check the most popular option that has been viewed the maximum number of times. Whenever you will click on a video, you will see that it has rating, general information, and the star casts of the video. The viewers have the option of either watching the video through streaming in HD quality or download the respective video.

9 – Putlocker HD

You must have heard about the website of Putlocker that ran into some serious issues. After that it was replaced by Putlocker HD. This new website is much better than its predecessor on the basis of speed and database management. The video gets loaded faster than earlier and Putlocker HD has one of the biggest collections of TV serials and Movies.

You can filter your favourite movie on the basis of different genres, IMDB ratings , most viewed videos, recently added, and a lot more categories. With this website you will be provided with the latest news encircling the film industry and gossips related to the same. The movies and TV serials are free to watch and you won’t be asked to register for availing the services of their website.

10 – Rainierland

People who are accustomed to the layout of CouchTuner and are looking for a similar experience would find Rainierland to be much suitable for them. The website layout is similar to that CouchTuner and you will be able to watch movies and TV series at a fairly good speed. The viewers can choose their content on the basis of latest release, most viewed and the most rated. They can also search for their favourite content by typing the name of the series/movie or searching it alphabetically. You will be shown the rating, general information, release year, etc. about the video when you would click on it. This will help you in finalizing your eventual content for the day or hour!

11 – 1Channel

1Channel is a fairly good website for browsing movies and videos because of its adequate collection. However it must be noted that it is not a secure website. This website caters to the needs of novice content watchers as it has only two categories available.

The website of 1Channel is free for usage but viewers need to register on the website for using its features. The content searching is dependent on the website’s search engine and there is no availability of filters on the basis of genres. The website is pestered with pop-up ads and the navigation leaves a lot to be desired. Therefore if you are confident about what you want to watch, then this website can be useful for you.

12 – Vodly Movies

Vodly Movies can be considered as an upgraded version of 1Channel. Along with the heavily detailed database it maintains for movies and TV shows, it has some of the best filters that aid in content searching for viewers. The website has provided a lot of varieties on its genre tab that facilitates easy search of any of the TV serials and movies. You can filter your desired movie on the basis of your favourite actor as the genre tab has a category of actors to it. The website is completely free to use and there is no need to login for using the features of this website.

13 – Los Movies

Los Movies functions similar to that of CouchTuner and allows users to browse through different movies and TV series without asking them to log in and for no charge. Viewers can filter their desired movies from a detailed and wide spread inventory.

They have the option to filter movies on the basis of genre, country, actor, their popularity, directors involved and latest releases. People can watch movies from any country because it provides an unmatched experience of English subtitles. However, Los Movies is not free from pop-up ads and links.

The descriptions of movies are unclear and given the wide category list, many movies are often found in more than one list. Along with that many times, making a choice for a good movie becomes difficult when it is available in a remote language.

14 – New Episodes

The website of New Episodes is specifically for people who love watching TV series which is quite evident from its name. When the viewers shall visit the website they will find that the episodes of a TV series are streamed on the website moments after they are actually shown on air. All the upcoming TV serials of the week can be seen on the website display. Viewers can search old episodes that were aired earlier using the search bar. The website also offers the viewers with the convenience of filtering the serials according to the alphabetical order.

Viewers can also filter the content on the basis of popular shows, new shows, as per the schedule and of course alphabetically. The users can search for their favourite TV serials using the search bar placed at the top of the home page. The most happening feature of this website is the forum feature where users can discuss their favourite series, cast, plot, and even indulge in gossip and rumors’.

The services are available on New Episodes for absolutely free but the viewers are required to log in to the website before accessing these features.

15 – Global TV

Global TV is a website similar to that of CouchTuner and streams interesting content from leading producers and media houses. What makes this site attractive is that it is a legally approved website therefore it is not blocked anywhere and no proxies are required for enjoying its services. This makes the user free from any legal worries or piracy issues. Global TV provides an interesting collection of TV series which are based out of Canada. Viewers might find it similar to Sony Crackle with lesser advertisements and sundry series.

Viewers can enjoy the website without logging in but browsing through different shows and TV serials becomes easier after logging in. The people of Canada can watch it easily but if people from different countries want to enjoy this website, they can make use of VPN sites for bypassing the network limitations. This website, if opened for the mass public of the world, can give a huge competition to CouchTuner.

16 – Watch Series

Watch Series is meant for those people who are just concerned about the TV serials and movies and don’t care what kind of interface leads them to their destination. Watch Series has a fairly simple interface when compared to its peers. On visiting the website you will realize that the layout has nothing fancy and exquisite about itself. The reason why it has found a place on this list is because people like convenience more. What is the use of a website that appears great but has little or no useful content to deliver.

People have become smarter now and they focus more on usability than appearance.  Viewers can search for their favourite videos on this website quickly and you can start watching then and there as it doesn’t provide a labyrinth of different links to reach the final video. However, the users need to login before availing the services of this website. After you log in to your account on this website, you are free to watch any TV series or movie as you like.

17 – MovieWatcher

People must not judge this website by its name as it is a free website that allows people to watch their favourite online series and movies in HD quality. The website has a good collection of content similar to that of CouchTuner. The website provides easy accessibility and users can filter their favourite videos from it very easily. People can filter their content on the basis of year, genre, popularity of the TV show/movie, new movies and TV serials, etc. People favour this website more because it doesn’t ask for registration or sign-up. Viewers can start watching their favourite videos right away!

18 – VidSturm

VidStrum as the name tries to be a cooler version of Video Streaming, the website surely fulfils its name’s intentions. Viewers shall find movies and TV shows on this website only. One of the best things about this website is that no registration is required for operating this website.

However, users might face a little difficulty in searching their favourite movies and TV shows because they aren’t organized properly in genres and other relevant categories. However, viewers can decide to watch content on the basis of its star-ratings and duration. Many viewers have reported the website to be frustrating because of its rampant pop-up advertisements that hampers the viewing experience.

19 – SnagFilms

This website has a database of over 5000 independent films and TV shows which can be enjoyed by viewers with advertisements. This website is mainly used by the people of the USA but people hailing from different countries watch videos on this website too.

Viewers effectively prefer this website despite its advertisements because it allows them to operate the site without the need of signing up and registration. People can easily navigate through this site and the videos buffer smoothly.

SnagFilms can be enjoyed through its own mobile application that is available for Android as well as iOS devices without paying a single penny. The website is already popular among desktop and Smart TV users for its free services and easy operability.

20 – Openload FreeTV

Openload FreeTV is a website that caters to the preferences of viewers around the world. This website proves to be a major entertainer with leading TV shows and all movies segregated on the basis of alphabets, genres, year of release and sub-category of the movie. The website has a user-friendly interface but users might have to deal with pop-up ads every now and then. Keeping this point aside, this website proves to be a worthy alternative to CouchTuner.

21 – Coolmoviezone

Coolmoviezone as the name suggests is a major movie browsing website. You will find numerous movies to watch on this website and you can download them for free. However, people looking for TV series might be disappointed as the website doesn’t cover TV shows.

Viewers can enjoy every movie in HD quality on this website. People who are often irritated by pop-up ads and video advertisements will enjoy this website as it is free of such kinds of promotions. The website has a clean layout and easy navigation that aids users to search for their favourite movies easily. This website is a potential competitor to CouchTuner and deserves much popularity.

22 – Movieninja

Movieninja is one of those sites which are regularly updated with new movies and TV shows. Despite the regular update, the users can find old movies and TV shows without much hassle on this website. This convenience can be credited to the user-friendly layout and easy search options on the site.

The site has been reported to show lesser ads as compared to its peers. Moreover, the user can start watching their favourite content using alternative servers if the previous server fails to load.

23 – Vumoo

This website is one of the leading competitors of CouchTuner. The users can watch their favourite movies and TV shows on this website for completely free. On top of that users don’t have to sign up or opt for a paid subscription. Vumoo is famous for its clean and elegant layout with an easy to search database.

The website updates its content on a daily basis. Despite its popularity and much favoured database, Vumoo hasn’t produced any of the videos for its viewers as of now. Every video that is available on their website is provided by non-affiliated third parties. Due to this reason, Vumoo doesn’t take any responsibility for copyright infringement or legal issues.

24 – AZmovies

AZMovies provides a quality platform for users to watch movies and download them for free. The users can download the website for free of cost. Anyone can register on this site as the registration is completely free. The only shortcoming of this site is that you won’t find any TV shows on AZMovies.

The site is popular because of its seamless video streaming. This is possible because AZMovies provide users with the option to choose from three different servers. This helps the user to switch on either of the two remaining servers in case one of them lags. The site is not free from ads but it won’t hamper your viewing experience. The website has organized all the movies on the basis of genres and years which helps the user to find their desired movie.

25 – TinklePad

TinklePad is also a TV streaming website which functions similar to that of CouchTuner. Here you can browse through different types of movies and TV shows. This site is a special one because not only will you find a well-maintained database of recognized shows and movies but you will also see a list of some of the top IMDB movies. This helps the users to choose the best movie and shows as per their preferences.

Among the different videos available on TinklePad, you can easily watch and download the videos on your system with a few taps/clicks. The clean layout, easy search options and a massive content database makes TinklePad a worthy competitor to CouchTuner.


These were 25 best alternatives to CouchTuner and each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. But, all of them have similar functionalities to CouchTuner. Therefore if you are looking for the best alternative for CouchTuner, go with any of the above mentioned websites. Believe us you won’t be disappointed. They will help you in enjoying your leisure time by providing some of the quality TV series and movies.

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