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Online chatting is one of most commonly used communication. It is very easy to use and one can understand it easily. Chatting is done online and one can interact with other by texting message via audio message via video calls. The first chat was created by Tom Walker and Fritz Thane of dial com in the year 1979. And later it was developed in with many features. Chatting can be done one to one , one to groups and face to face conversation etc.

Top Sites Like Omegle

Now a days , most of the people especially teenagers spend their most of the time on being social. Teenagers are more interested in interacting with strangers as well. Chatting is also a form of communication which can be used for any business. And employees use these sites for sending details of meetings etc.

For example, whatsapp is most famous for these kind of things. Most popular site for teenagers as well as adults for being social all over the world is Facebook where you can add friends of other countries.

Our title itself contains a site name called Omegle. Let us first know about what actually Omegle is about. Omegle is a website which is used for online chatting. It is free site and we don’t need to Register ourselves in this site. Omegle is an app where it pair up the users in chat naming stranger.

Omegle was created by Leif K-Brooks  of USA. And it was launched on March 25,2009. This site became very interesting to users as many people wanted to be social. By this progress the Creator Leif K-Brooks has developed Omegle by adding a feature called video conferencing in the year 2010. Like Omegle we have many other free sites where you can chat with strangers and some of them are listed below:


Tiny chat was launched on February,2009 by Peerstream. It is a free website in which one can communicate via texting, voice chat and video chat. Tiny chat has a main feature of offering people to meet and create their own chat room with respective of topic .

This website works on HTML5 browser. The chat room can contain users up to 12 of maximum. Tiny chat has introduced on November 16,2009 . It offers the users to stream video or shows live. In 2010, due to some reasons has stopped telecasting and it was closed. The company has gained lot of profits slowly and many features were developed.


Chat roulette is a online website which was launched on November 16,2009 and was created by Andrey Ternovskiey who is a 17 years old boy . And he told that he got this idea of creating chat roulette from video chat that he used to do with his friends on Skype.

He created code regarding chat roulette within two days. The chat roulette pairs up random users for conversations. Users can communicate with each other by texting, audio and video. At the time of its launch, it gained 20 users per day. Slowly it increased to 500 and by the next month it reached 50,000 users. In February 2010 , Andrey developed many features in chat roulette and by this it grew up high to 1.5 million users a day.


Chat random is also a site which is free to use. Again, the name itself tells that this website also pairs up the users with another random user or stranger. Chat random and chat roulette both are very similar as both the sites pair up users randomly. But later chat roulette came up with new features and became a different from Chat Random.

Chat random can be used all over the world like Facebook. It contains all the languages as per users’ interest and comfort. One can choose the users randomly for interaction. Not only one person, you can even interact in group.


Fruzo is a unique social being site and it is the world’s first online dating app. Fruzo has many features like it gives chance to users for finding a match and connect with new people. Like many other websites fruzo does not have the option of text messages.

It only has the video chat feature via webcam. You can even follow people and make new friends. Fruzo allows to upload pictures on the site. One can easily find matches by searching with age, country, gender, city etc . Fruzo is developing and updating many features to become one of the largest social networking site.


Face flow is a free video chat with family and friends. You can meet new people on it. Face flow was launched on February 11,2010. It provide users facility of video calls as well as group video calls. Users need not download anything one can directly use face flow in your web browser. For people who are looking up to make new friends, face flow is the easiest site to connect with people from all around the world.

It provides public chat rooms in which one can chat to other people with the maximum number of 3. And you can search many profiles to make new friends. In face flow you can even share files to your friends. Face flow frequently updates new things to make users stay connected. One such thing its multiplayer game which is know as flappy.


Hey people is a non commercial project which does not contain ads. Its a free site where you can chat via video. First, one should register by creating a username and password. This registration is very easy and fast in comparison to other sites. After this registration you can select any stranger for interaction based on your personal interest.

The process of after selection is very simple, all you need to do is complete your selection. Then you must click on “zap” button to get connected to the person you have selected. If you don’t like  the person, then click on the “blacklist” button. By doing this the person will never get connected to you.


Imeetzu was launched on June, 2011. You can interact with strangers from all over the world via video chats as well as text chat. Imeetzu has developed the site by updating random live video chat rooms and text chat rooms. Until here Imeetzu is similar to Omegle and chat roulette.

Later on imeetzu added few more features like image sharing and group cam chat rooms. Without any registration Imeetzu allows to chat online. It has another interesting feature. It also provides free online dating.


Chat rad was launched on June 10,2013. It is a free chat site where you can chat randomly to strangers and make new friends by using webcam. Chat rad connects random people and strangers all around the world by video chat instantly.

You can meet new friends, can find your partner and know about people of different countries. You can also know different country politics, culture and many more fascinating things that interests you. In chat rad you are required to agree to their terms and conditions in order to use the site.

After that, you can start connecting to strangers from different parts of the world. Safety wise chat rad is absolutely referable as their team keep the site safe always. Anyone can enjoy the site irrespective of their age.


Face buzz was launched on February 22,2010. It is a multilingual website. Currently it is available in English, Spanish, German, Turkish etc. It is a random video chat in which users can rate each other. It also provide online dating, if you find anyone interesting and want to date them, you can add him/her as your friend and ask for mutual friendship. This is also another interesting factor for teenagers to go for this website.


Bazoocam  was launched on March 2010. It is similar to Chat Roulette’s old version. Bazoocam randomly pairs up with New people. And if you find someone whom you like and wish to continue interacting with them,  you can press “continue” button.

But if you don’t like the person you can press “skip” button and reject them and move on to the next person. Bazoocam is the French free chatting site. Since it is a French site most of the users are French hence you may not find people who speak English. Bazoocam then moved to European markets and  became very popular. It has now grown in number and daily thousands of users view this site.

Bazoocam is one in the top 10 of all random chat sites. Some users said that this site contains too many advertisements. Due to this reason many users dropped out.


So these were the top 10 chatting websites according to us. Let us know which ones you like the most in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

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